Firm Profile

The increasing scope, complexity, and significance of government impact virtually every enterprise. Today's foresighted corporations, associations, professional services firms, and communities need experienced and professional advocates to voice their concerns, apprise them of new and changing trends, and assist them in forming strategic alliances. Not paying attention to what is going on in government can have a profound, and often adverse, impact on all entities and their stakeholders.

Founded in 2007, Government Strategies Group brings together a lobbying team with years of experience in government affairs on the local, state and federal levels. Capitalizing on our experience and relationships, we represent private and public sector clients with decision makers at all levels of government.

At Government Strategies Group, we believe that corporations, associations, professional services firms and communities need more than access and influence. Access and influence are fleeting and can be denied or diminished. Truly understanding the needs of our clients allows us to best position their interests in a way that will not only benefit them, but also the governmental entity with whom we are involved.

Areas of expertise include economic development, transportation, housing, real estate, zoning, land use, environmental, permitting, taxation and electric deregulation.